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Vacating Guide

If the landlord requires possession or you want to vacate the property, notice must be in writing. All tenants on the lease must sign the vacating letter.

Ending a Fixed Term agreement

Under the Residential Tenancy Act tenants are required to give a minimum of 14 days notice in writing prior any day prior to your lease expiry.

Ending a Periodic agreement (A continuing lease past the lease end date)

Once your lease expires, you are required under the Residential Tenancy Act to give a minimum of 21 days notice in writing.
Please note: All notices take effect from the day we receive them in writing and these can be scanned and emailed to us, faxed, mailed or dropped into our office. The Residential Tenancy Act can be subject to change so it’s important to ensure that you have the correct notice days by either phoning our office or speaking to the Office of Fair Trading – renting services.

Breaking your lease

Breaking your lease can be costly and needs to be thoroughly thought through. Notice in writing must be given, outlining your intentions to break the lease. The landlord is then notified and will advise our office of their instructions. You will continue to pay rent until a new tenant moves in or the lease expires, whichever comes first and you may be liable for advertising costs, the lease preparation fee and the letting fee.

Tenancy references

We need a signed privary statement to hand out your information to other agencies. We don’t give out written references however we are more than happy to provide verbal references to other agencies or private owners.

Outstanding rent
Any outstanding rent or water monies due must be paid in full prior to you vacating the property. Bonds cannot be used to cover any outstanding payments. Please advise your Property Manager in writing of any overpaid rent, which will be refunded to you. We will require your account name, BSB, account number and bank name before being able to release the funds.

Cancellation of utilities and others

Please close any direct debit rental payments to us to prevent any further payments after you vacate. Advise your utilities providers (eg: Energy Australia, AGL, Foxtel etc) when they should disconnect your supply. Please have your mail redirected.


This area needs close attention – vacate cleaning is more than a regular clean. Please carefully follow the tenancy vacate checklist for a smooth exit. Feel free to speak with your Property Manager and we can put you in contact with a professional cleaner if you desire. Your Condition Report provided at the commencement of your tenancy is the reference point to determine the condition your property must be in when you leave.